Providing small animal mobile veterinary acupuncture for Helena, MT

Providing small animal mobile veterinary acupuncture for Helena, MT

Providing small animal mobile veterinary acupuncture for Helena, MTProviding small animal mobile veterinary acupuncture for Helena, MTProviding small animal mobile veterinary acupuncture for Helena, MT

Acupuncture Experiences


Daisy was a senior cattle dog mix that still went on walks and was doing fine until one day she couldn’t walk anymore, her back legs would get twisted and she would fall over. My husband and I were thinking is this it? Is it time to say good-bye? Instead we hired Kelli and she came to our home and she was very professional and caring. She administered acupuncture and laser therapy and after a few treatments Daisy could walk again! She still struggled with stairs but did not appear to be in pain and could easily navigate the home and yard. We did lose our sweet Daisy about a year later, I am convinced that because of Kelli and her treatments Daisy had a quality extra year and we got to love her for another year.

Susan M.



This is Gunner getting acupuncture.  Although it makes him gassy and stinky, it is the one non-pharmacological thing that helps when his IVDD flares up.  And Gunner actually likes the treatments.  But, he likes Dr. Ator even more.  When he sees her coming, he relaxes knowing his back and neck is going to feel much better soon.  We are so grateful for Dr. Ator's expertise and care.

Kim S.



My dog Tucker and I loved our first time experience with acupuncture for Tucker's neuropathy.  Kelli was very professional, personable and very helpful for our dog's condition.  Sorry to see her leave Colorado!

Caroline S.


Dr Ator was very friendly and gentle with my older Chihuahua. The cold laser therapy  and acupuncture helped him with his painful areas of his back, neck and knees. He was showing less stiffness after the 2nd treatment. Thanks Dr Ator for helping Quey with his arthritis and painful knee joints

Susan K.


We were very fortunate to have Dr. Kelli Ator recommended to us when our senior dog, Harlie, suddenly became immobile.  We were not given much hope that Harlie would walk again but we called Dr. Ator and she came to our house that same day.  With her expertise and extensive knowledge, Dr. Ator implemented a treatment plan that included acupuncture and laser.  Harlie responded very well and soon she was back to enjoying her favorite thing...her daily neighborhood walks.  We continued treatment and saw her improve even more!  

We highly recommend Dr. Kelli Ator.  She provides the highest level of care, she is compassionate, extremely thorough, skilled and knowledgeable and also a great listener.

We are truly grateful that we got to have extra time with our sweet girl.  Harlie got her mobility back, comfort from pain and enjoyed life longer because of Dr. Ator's care and treatment.

Scott & Christine B.



My cat had been constipated for 9 days or more and the x-ray showed that she was very backed up with hard fecal matter and she had arthritis around the end of her spine.  She had fluids injected a few times to help get moisture in her and had been on stool softeners.  Food was changed to all soft food and we were adding water to it.  Still no action.  My Veterinarian referred me to Kelli Ator for acupuncture.  Kelli was well received by my cat who was ok with the laser, needles and Assisi Loop for close to 15 minutes.  The session was in the morning and the next morning she had a very long hard stool, which seemed to clear the hard fecal matter out.  Kelli is very knowledgeable, clearly wants to help your pet and had a nice connect with my cat.

Janet S.


Dr. Kelli is an amazing and caring person.  She has a true compassion for animals.  We have a 15 year old yorkie who has neurological problems.  She progressed to the point where she was unable to use her hind legs.  Our primary vet recommended acupuncture with Dr. Kelli.  Over several months the acupuncture has relieved pain and helped our dog to walk on her own.  I truly believe Dr. Kelli has helped extend the time we've had with our yorkie.

Erin C.



Dr. Kelli helped our sweet Kylee when she needed it most! Our 15 year-old Australian Shepherd had slowly become more sore and was having difficulty getting up and laying down. The acupuncture that Dr. Kelli provided made Kylee noticeably more comfortable and more mobile. Plus, she came to our house, so we did not have to travel and were able to keep Kylee calm and comfortable at home. Dr. Kelli is worth every penny! I only wish we had started care with her sooner. Next, we will be starting acupuncture for our 10-year old Aussie, Sydney. Now that we have seen the difference her care makes, we would like to be proactive and have Sydney treated BEFORE she begins to have visible problems. Thank you for all that you do!

Megan F.


Hawk was an older Siberian Husky suffering from arthritis in his lower spine.  We met Dr. Kelli when she was affiliated with a Veterinary clinic we used regularly. He had several sessions there to ease the pain in his back and restore mobility to this active dog.  

When Dr. Kelli established her mobile acupuncture practice, she came to our house regularly to continue with acupuncture and add laser treatments for him.  He responded well and was able to run and jump like a much younger dog.  As he grew older, he began having painful episodes caused by a herniated disk in his neck and acupuncture and laser enhanced the prescription meds and aided healing.  

Hawk was a happy healthy smiley dog until the end.

Karen M.



I can't say enough nice things about Kelli and her services. We met Kelli through our veterinary practice where we got vet care from her as well as acupuncture treatments for our now 14 year old Keeshond Ruby. Ruby has dealt with hip dysplasia her whole life so she has really benefited from acupuncture treatments on a monthly basis. Once Kelli began her mobile service it was heaven on wheels for us! Ruby could receive her treatments in the comfort of her home and always looked forward to Kelli's visits. We appreciate all of her love and care for our beloved Ruby. We believe Ruby continues to do as well as she does today because of Kelli's services. She's a blessing on wheels!   

Michelle D.


Dr. Ator has a gentle, calming touch which greatly helped my 140 pound Great Dane puppy relax and enjoy his acupuncture session.  He absolutely loved her and I could see the feeling was mutual.  His Wobblers symptoms have greatly improved and I can tell when we need another session by his gait getting a little more unsteady.  I recommend her practice 100% and will greatly miss her in Colorado :)

Peggy O.



We asked Dr. Kelli to help with our senior dog Jack as he was experiencing discomfort.  After just one appointment Jack seemed to pep up and over time he was noticeably more nimble and had a easier time standing up and laying down. After awhile he  learned the signs of Dr. Kelli coming over and got excited.  We can't thank Dr. Kelli enough for helping make him more comfortable.  

Always thankful, 

Kevin W.


We can't say enough about the quality of care that Dr. Ator will provide your furry family member.  In our case, our aging black lab Howie was suffering from chronic spinal inflammation.  The pharmaceutical onslaught of muscle relaxers or surgery, suggested by our primary vet, didnt sit well with us; so we searched online until we found OnPoint MVA. 

We booked Kelli right away to begin cold laser and acupuncture therapy for our boy.  She was so knowledgeable and calming that Howie just let her go right to work.  Right away, we noticed that his pain level had decreased significantly enough to walk her to the door!  His energy, posture & and mobility continued to improve with each of Dr. Kelli's treatments for a good period.  We knew that his quality of Life was as best as we could achieve having Dr. Ator close at hand.  We are so grateful to have found OnPoint and brought Dr. Kelli into Howie's  beautiful life.  We will miss her dearly in Colorado.

David and Megan H.